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APPLICATION FOR CLEMENCY. Check box for type of clemency desired. All applications must have the proper court documents attached. :1 Restoration of ...
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What is the Application for Clemency?

The Florida Application for Clemency is an official document. Generally such applications may come in two forms: pardons or sentence communications. A communication is defined as a reduction of a sentence. A pardon brings a relief for those who have already completed their sentences but are still disadvantaged by the criminal record. A clemency is not the same as the communication or the pardon. It is a forgiveness for the criminal offense of the individual. It is more close to pardon rather than to communication.

What is the Purpose of the Application for Clemency?

Generally you may apply for state, federal clemency of clemency in general. In this case you apply for clemency in the state of Florida. The basic purpose of the clemency application is to request a pardon relating the criminal sentence.

When is the Application for Clemency Due?

The due date of the clemency application depends on the duration of your sentence. It is an individual case and may always differ.

Is the Application for Clemency Accompanied by Other Forms?

You must attach the proper court documents as the application submitted without them will not be considered. Prepare the following copies: judgment, community control/probation order/sentence, etc.

What Information do I Include in the Application for Clemency?

In the form provide the following information:

  • Name when convicted;
  • Current name;
  • Other names used;
  • Date of birth;
  • Race;
  • Sex;
  • Driver license;
  • Address, e-mail address, telephone number;
  • Information about the court.

Where do I Send the Application for Clemency?

Send the application to the following address:
Office of Executive Clemency
4070 Esplanade Way
Tallahassee, FL 32399 -2450

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Hello I'm Eddie Farah and you're watching the legal view a convicted felon loses the right to vote serve on a jury and run for office in order to get those rights restored the person must file an application for restoration of civil rights and be crime free for at least five years to be eligible for approval without a hearing there's another category where based on the seriousness of the criminal offense you must be crime free for seven years and must be approved at a hearing convicted felons also lose their right to possess a firearm but the restoration of a firearm Authority is a separate type of clemency the board that considers the type of clemency case that does not require a hearing meets every three or four months and considers about three to four hundred cases the type of clemencies that require a hearing involve the most serious florida crimes it also includes any offense that was committed in another state including federal convictions these type of clemencies are held on a quarterly basis and they consider about three to four hundred cases at that time most felons want clemency because once your civil rights are restored you're eligible for state licenses which allows for more job opportunities in 2011 the Florida Legislature passed a bill to separate state licenses from the restoration of civil rights unless the conviction is directly related to the desired lysis this law provides that a state agency may not deny an application for a license permit certificate or employment based on the applicants lack of civil rights you've been watching the legal view